Venezel Ribonding kit

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Implosion hair straightening set for The curly hair blow]

Comb rolls (360 degrees) and then straightening curly single tooth, spread evenly. 


-In the original correction method using a hair dryer also curly straight addition! 
-Trim the non-uniformity of the water balance and distortion of the hair inside the straightening from the core. 
-Lasting straight hair does not spread even on a rainy day! 
Moisture block ingredient (polymer silicon) 
Straight sustainable ingredient ( silk ) 

Sticking to the finish 

Your done suppressed with the soft murmuring 
Hair flexible ingredient 
-Beautiful finish treatment-based prescription the enriched. 

Make beautiful straight hair hair hair beauty with liquid 

No unpleasant smells floral fruity fragrance 


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Venezel Ribonding kit

Venezel Ribonding kit

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