Green Barley Overnight peeling Mask

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. A mask for overnight peeling 
To exfoliate dead skin cells, you can simply apply a thick layer of the mask over the skin. 

2. Green barley vinegar effective in exfoliating dead skin cells 
Green barley vinegar, possessing three types of natural AHAs, is an effective exfoliator. 

3. AHA & BHA contained 
Glycolic acid (AHA) and salicylic acid (BHA) promote the skin's turnover cycle for smooth skin. 

4. Peeling without feeling dry 
Green barley extract, rich in protein and dietary fiber, effectively exfoliates dead skin cells without leaving the skin feeling dry.


After cleansing in the evening, apply toner and place an appropriate amount onto your hand to apply a thick layer over areas with dead skin cells, avoiding the eye area. Pat with hands to finish and go to sleep (use 1-2 times a week for best results). 
① If you are sensitive to AHA and BHA, do a patch test on the inside of your wrist before actual use. 
② If you apply it over a problem area, it may sting for a while.


1. Do not use on the skin around the eyes. 
2. Use the product together with a sunblock as it could increase the skin sensitivity to sunlight. 
3. When using for the first time, apply the product on a small area for testing. 
4. Do not use this product on children aged three or under as it contains salicylic acid and its salts. 
5. Stop using the product if the following problems arise while using the product as continued use could worsen the symptoms. Consult with a dermatologist, 
A) If red spots, swelling, itchiness, and irritation occur. 
B) If the above problems occur on the applied area on the skin from direct sunlight. 
6. Do not use on areas with wounds, eczema, and dermatitis. 
7. Storage and handling precautions 
A) Close the lid after use. 
B) Keep out of the reach of children. 
C) Do not store in places with overly high or low temperature and keep away from direct sunlight.

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Green Barley Overnight peeling Mask

Green Barley Overnight peeling Mask

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